Cupping Therapy And Hijama

18 Oct

Cupping therapy, one of the oldest known treatment methods, is a method thought to date back to the bronze age. It has a known history of five thousand years.

Until the development of modern medicine, the United Kingdom, Ancient China, Egypt, Korea, Arabs used this treatment quite widely.

Although modern medicine has advanced a lot in today’s time, cupping therapy and cupping are used as adjunctive therapy in many countries such as the United States of America and Europe.

What Is Cupping Therapy – Hijama?

Cupping therapy is an auxiliary treatment popularly known as “cupping” and “hijama”. Hijama is an Arabic word meaning ‘to suck’. It is a method that absorbs the toxins in the blood with auxiliary tools such as cups, glasses, horns and removes them from the body.

This method, which has a very old history, is done by placing a cup or another auxiliary tool on certain parts of the body and making small cuts.

This method, which has a known history of five thousand years, is mentioned in the Eber Papyrus, the oldest known medical texts.

It is a treatment method that has an important place especially in Mesopotamian civilizations.

Hippocrates mentioned about cupping in 460-377 BC. It is called “hijama” or “cup treatment” in Turkiye.

The British Cupping Association has defined cupping therapy as:

It is a technique that relies on creating a local vacuum to collect blood from the body, followed by a second vacuum with superficial skin incisions to draw small amounts of blood from the skin.

What are the Benefits of Cupping – Hijama?

Cupping therapy is used for many health problems. The main benefits of this treatment, known as hijama among the people, are:

It improves skin health, purifies the skin from dead cells, gives freshness and vitality.

Strengthen the immune system, protect the person against diseases.

It reduces the risk of diseases such as flu, cold and covid.

It removes stress and relaxes the person.

It makes the brain function work more, strengthens memory.

It helps to remove toxins from the blood.

It makes the blood flow of the body healthier.

It increases the connective tissue and flexibility in the muscles, relieves muscle cramps and spasms.

It lowers high blood pressure.

Regular cupping therapy solves the problem of excessive sweating.

It facilitates digestion.

It relieves headache.

It prevents migraine attacks.

It relieves the pain of calcification.

Relieves neck, shoulder and waist pain.

It is good for joint pain.

It delays aging.

For Which Diseases Is Cupping Therapy-Hijama Applied?

The main diseases for which cupping therapy is good are:

Musculoskeletal diseases such as low back, neck, shoulder pain


Chronic fatigue, weakness


weak immune system

Diabetes disease



chronic headache


Excessive sweating of hands and feet

skin rejuvenation

Lung diseases

Bile problems


Panic attack

liver cleansing

Foot and leg numbness



Hair loss, dandruff

kidney diseases

Inflammatory joint diseases

Sinusitis, sore throat, ear diseases


In Which Areas Is Cupping Treatment – Hijama Applied?

Cupping therapy is applied to almost every part of the body. However, it is not applied to the neck and fontanel region.

The most common area for cupping treatment is 10 cm between the two shoulder blades, behind the heart. Cupping therapy can be applied to many areas of the body with complaints and pain. Apart from this, the hijama areas in the body and the diseases it is good for are as follows:

between the two shoulder blades

Cupping treatment (hijama) between the two shoulder blades is the most common area. It treats problems such as chronic fatigue, headache, migraine, tension back pain, inflamed joint pain.

Hijama applied to the back of the heart

The most common area after the two shoulder blades is the back of the heart.

Hijama applied to the back of the heart is good for the treatment of diseases such as lung diseases, blood pressure, panic attacks, bile problems, blood pressure, immune system problems.

For kidney problems, kidney alignment is done on the back and front sides.

Hijama behind the ear

Hijama behind the ear is one of the most common areas. Hijama applied behind the ear is good for ear diseases, throat diseases, sinusitis, headache, migraine, gall bladder diseases, liver diseases.

behind the liver

Cupping therapy performed behind the liver is applied for the treatment of gallstones, liver cleansing, cholesterol, fatigue, weakness and blood pressure.

Shoulder area

Cupping therapy, also known as hijama, is applied to the shoulder area. This treatment applied to the shoulder area provides the treatment of problems such as neck hernia, neck calcification, arm rheumatism, shoulder rheumatism, lung diseases, blood pressure, numbness, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, dandruff.

spinal cord sides

Cupping therapy is applied to the spinal cord sides to relieve pain in the back of the person, foot numbness, leg numbness. It is applied to the coccyx area for people with lumbar hernia and low back pain.

knee and calf

Knee and calf area are suitable areas for this treatment. Knee and calf cupping provides the treatment of diseases such as rheumatism and varicose veins.

When is Cupping Treatment-Hacamat Performed?

Hacamat is a treatment method that is included in many cultures. However, this treatment has a special importance and place in Islam. It is considered the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, some days are taken care of. However, there is no specific time frame for cupping for medical purposes.After the doctor’s treatment, cupping can be done whenever the doctor deems appropriate.

Hijama, which is a traditional treatment, must be performed by a trained doctor in a hygienic environment. Hijama performed by non-professionals may cause undesirable consequences such as infection.

Tedaviler ve hizmetlerimiz hakkında tüm merak ettiklerinizi bize sorabilirsiniz veya aşağıda bulunan yorum kısmına yazabilirsiniz.

Dr. İnayet Özhan Öztürk
17:39 20 Jun 23
Dr İnayet hanım çok becerikli güler yüzlü ve tatlı biri. İyiki burayı tercih ettim. Gerek konumu gerek doktor hanımın ilgisi harikaydı. Gönül rahatlığıyla tercih edebilirsiniz.????????????
Dilek Coskun
Dilek Coskun
20:45 24 Feb 23
Muhteşem birisi ben dolgu yaptırdım ve çok memnun kaldım güler yüzü ve her sorduğum soruya gayet güzel bilgi veriyor teşekkür ediyorum ????
Roos Yildiz
Roos Yildiz
20:42 16 Feb 23
Kendinizi guvenle teslim edeceginiz bir hekim. Cok tesekkur ederim ????
21:38 12 Jun 22
Dr inayet hanım çok iyi bir hekim ve çok iyi bir insandır . Gözünüz kapalı güvenebilirsiniz
Gonca Avşar
Gonca Avşar
17:23 24 Mar 22
Güleryüzlü tavrı ve profesyonelliği ile başarılı bir doktor
Gülen Coşkuner
Gülen Coşkuner
09:43 24 Mar 22
Dr. İnayet Hanım ve ekibi gerçekten muhteşem.Yaptıkları her işlemin hakkını çok yerinde veriyorlar,çok hasta taraftarı bir hekim ve güçlü ekip.İyiki tanıdım çok memnun kaldım .Bütün herkese gönül rahatliğiyla öneriyorum sonsuz teşekkürler Elinize emeğinize sağlık Başarılariniz sürekli ve en zirvede zolsun sağ olun var olun
Murat Öztürk
Murat Öztürk
17:28 18 Mar 22
Ozon tedavisi yaptırdım, fibromiyalji rahatsızlığıma çok fayda etti. Gerçekten güzel bir klinik etlik de olması da çok büyük bir avantaj, herkese tavsiye ediyorum.
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