Medical Skin Care

18 Oct

Human skin is perhaps the most vulnerable organ. Harmful rays of the sun, wind, rain, cold, heat, air pollution directly affect the skin. When diseases and malnutrition are added, the skin loses its health.

Thanks to medical skin care, the skin is cleaned of dead cells and regains its former health. It is recommended to regularly perform medical skin care using professional products in a hygienic environment.

What is medical skin care?

Medical skin care is skin care performed by experts in a hygienic clinical environment using professional care products and tools.

Thanks to this process, the skin regains the moisture balance it has lost, is cleansed of dead skin, and formations such as acne and blackheads are eliminated and prevented.

What’s in Medical Skin Care?

Skin; It is the organ most affected by external factors such as wind, rain, snow, cold and heat. Moreover, advancing age, unhealthy and unbalanced diet, bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, and some diseases accelerate the loss of health of the skin. In order to protect the skin from all these negative conditions, it is necessary to have regular care.

Medical skin care is a process that deeply cleans the skin and restores it to its former health. Thanks to this process, the skin easily regains its health, gains a smooth and bright appearance.

Professional products are used in medical skin care. These products are used to cleanse, exfoliate and tighten the skin.

This care is determined according to the person’s skin structure. Tonic, peeling, cleansing milk, steam treatment, radiofrequency application, masks have their place in the process.

Benefits of medical skin care

The main benefits of medical skin care are:

Medical skin care repairs age-related skin damage.

It protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

It protects the skin against harsh weather conditions such as wind, cold and hot, and increases the resistance of the skin.

It destroys and prevents formations such as acne and blackheads on the skin.

It maintains the moisture balance of the skin.

It removes blemishes on the skin.

How is Medical Skin Care Done?

Medical skin care is performed by a doctor in a hygienic, clinical environment. Before the procedure, analyzes that determine the skin type of the person are performed. In skin analysis, the following are determined;

skin age

The type of skin type of the person such as oily, dry or mixed is determined.

The basic substances that the skin needs are determined.

Skin problems are determined and an appropriate care program is created.

In medical skin care; There are moisturizers, masks, tonics, creams, serums, peelings with natural extracts.

As a result of the analysis, professional products to be used for medical care are determined. In this way, skin care specific to the skin type and needs of the person is started.

After skin analysis and appropriate products are determined, the skin is cleaned. Skin cleansing is important for effective care. Skin cleansing takes place in two stages. First, a superficial cleaning is done. In the second stage, the skin is cleaned with tonic in order to completely remove products such as make-up, dirt and cream.

After tonic cleansing, peeling is done to purify the skin from dead cells. After this process, a steam bath can be done. Thanks to the steam bath, the skin softens, the pores are opened and the process becomes easier. Thanks to the steam bath, black spots, oil wastes and glands are cleaned from the opened pores.

The skin, which is completely purified, is calmed by the application of the gel. After this procedure, radiofrequency and tonic application can be made. In this way, the opened pores of the skin are tightened and sagging is prevented. Masks are important in medical skin care. Mask treatments are applied to make the purifying and firming effect of the care last longer. The mask is left on the skin for as long as necessary and removed.

Then, according to the needs of the skin, supportive, care serums, moisturizers are applied by massage. Finally, sunscreen can be applied. All these procedures are done individually.

How Long Does Medical Skin Care Take?

This process, which is a natural process, is a care application that can be done by everyone, young, old, male and female. This process can take from 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the skin type of the person.

How Often Should Medical Skin Care Be Done?

Medical skin care is not a chemical process. This process is necessary to protect the health of the skin and replace the lost values ​​of the skin. Medical skin care should be done once a month to reduce the impact of difficult living conditions. People who cannot get care every month should have medical skin care a few times a year.

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Dr. İnayet Özhan Öztürk

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