Needle Epilation

18 Oct

Needle epilation is one of the most preferred methods to get rid of unwanted hair in a short time and permanently. In this application, the hair follicles are destroyed by using thin and sterile needles. Two different methods are used for this process. Needle epilation is one of the definitive solutions to get rid of unwanted hair.

What is Needle Epilation?

Needle epilation; It is the epilation process using fine-tipped, sterile needles. In this method, with the help of fine-tipped needles, an electric current is applied to the hair follicles and destroyed. Hair follicles destroyed by electric current do not perform their former function. This process is among the effective hair removal methods. Special tools are used during the procedure, which makes the procedure very safe.

How is Needle Epilation Performed?

Before having this procedure, waxing applications that remove hair from the root should be abandoned. In order for the procedure to be effective, the hair root must have formed.

There are two different methods for needle epilation. The method to be applied is determined after the doctor’s control. In this way, unwanted hair is removed in a healthy and permanent way.

After determining the appropriate method, special fine-tipped needles are used for this process, and electric current is applied to the hair follicles and burned. This process is done separately for each hair. The hairs, the roots of which are destroyed by burning, are removed from the body with the help of special tweezers.

What are the Types of Needle Epilation?

In needle epilation, needles as thin as hair are used. There are two different types of this process;

Galvanic needle epilation:

In the application of galvanic needle epilation, electric current is transferred to the hair follicles with the help of fine-tipped special needles. As a result, hydroxide salt is produced in the tissue and the stem cell is completely destroyed.

Thermolysis needle epilation:

In the thermolysis method, water is used as a conductor. In this process, vibration is given to the hair follicles surrounding the hair follicles. In this way, the hair roots are bordered and destroyed.

Needle epilation is a procedure that requires expertise. This should be done by a doctor who has been trained in the job and in a sterile environment.

Does Needle Epilation Hurt?

This is done using hair-thin needles. Very fine-tipped needles enter each hair root separately and destroy the hair follicle by burning it. A low dose of electric current is used during the procedure. Finally, the burned hairs are pulled one by one with the help of special tweezers. Therefore, a slight pain may be felt during the procedure. This pain felt varies according to the person’s pain threshold and hair structure. While some people who have needle epilation do not feel any pain, some say that they feel mild pain.

During this procedure, personalized, sterile needles are used. For this reason, situations such as catching germs and disease transmission do not occur.

Where is Needle Epilation Performed?

This procedure is not just for women. It finds a definite solution to unwanted hair by having needle epilation in men. Among men, back hair, chest hair, beard area are the areas where this procedure is most frequently performed. Except those; Needle epilation can be applied to the arm, leg, genital area and face area. In addition, this procedure is performed on the few hairs remaining after laser epilation.

Needle Epilation Face

“Is epilation with needles performed on the face?”

The answer to this question, which is the common question of women and men; “yes”, needle epilation is performed on the face area of ​​men and women.

Men as well as women have this procedure done on the face area. Especially the beard and mustache area are the most preferred areas by men.

In women, needle epilation is applied to the face area, including the eyebrows.

Needle epilation sessions on the face vary from person to person, the person’s hair structure and the size of the area. On average, high success is achieved after 3 sessions.

How Many Sessions Does Needle Epilation Take?

The number of needle epilation sessions, which offers a definitive solution for unwanted hair, for men and women, and the time period between the sessions vary from person to person. The number of sessions may be less for owners of fine and light hair. For those with thicker hair structure, the number of sessions may take longer. The size of the treated area also determines the number of sessions. The time period between sessions is determined according to the needs of the person. Visible results occur after the first session.

Is Needle Epilation Performed During Menstruation?

There is no medical obstacle to having needle epilation during the menstrual period of women. However, during the menstrual period, especially the first 2-3 days, the skin surface becomes very sensitive. Therefore, it is not preferred.

Considerations after the procedure

After applying this process, the following should be noted:

It is not recommended to touch the treated area with water for 24 hours.
Cosmetic products should not be applied to the treated area.
Care should be taken when washing the face for the process applied to the face area. Cold or lukewarm water should be preferred when washing the face.
It should be protected from sunlight as much as possible. If necessary, high factor sunscreens should be used.

What are the Harms of Needle Epilation?

Needle epilation should be done by a doctor in a sterile environment. Once these conditions are met, this process is extremely safe. Personalized needles are used in the procedure. This eliminates the risk of catching diseases and catching germs.

In an unsterile environment, needle epilation performed by a specialist may cause side effects such as germs, catching, infection, skin irritation, and disease.

Who Should Not Be Applied to Needle Epilation?

Needle epilation; It is not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemakers, and those with open wounds. This procedure is not recommended for people who have had surgery for the first three months.

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Dr. İnayet Özhan Öztürk
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