Regional Slimming (Emslim Application)

18 Oct

Regional weight gain has increased considerably due to changing dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, and prepackaged foods. Obesity and excess weight, especially around the waist, increase the risk of some chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Losing excess weight is not only necessary for looking beautiful, it is essential for a healthier life. However, getting rid of regional excess weight can be a little difficult. In this case, advancing technology comes to the aid of people.

What is Regional Slimming?

Regional slimming; It is a method of losing weight in certain parts of the body such as waist and hips by using technological devices. It is not easy to get rid of excess fat mass collected in certain parts of the body. This weight won’t go away just by dieting. In such cases, technological devices come to the aid.

Thanks to regional slimming, people can put their body structures in a healthy form they want. They can get rid of the fat collected in certain parts of the body.

What Causes Regional Weight?

Regional weight gain is a common problem for men and women of all ages. The hips and waist region in women and the belly region in men are the places where fat is collected the most.

There are many causes of regional fat deposits, some of them are:

Unhealthy eating
Packaged foods
Sugary sodas
some diseases

How is Regional Slimming Made?

Sometimes, even doing sports and dieting is not enough to burn the excess fat that occurs in some parts of the body. Regional weight loss treatment is required in such complaints. Surgical procedures also have a place in the treatment of regional thinning. However, non-surgical regional slimming treatment is more commonly preferred.

Regional slimming treatment is the most; It is applied to areas where excess fat is stored, such as the belly, arms, legs, hips.

Among the methods used for regional thinning; There are methods such as mesotherapy, cold lipolysis, liposuction, carboxytherapy, ultrashape, BP serum.

How does regional slimming happen with the Emslim application?
EMSlim is an application that reaches muscle mass by passing the skin and fat mass of electromagnetic waves. Thanks to this process, physical training, exercise intensity that cannot be achieved with sports under normal conditions is provided. Continuous and intense contractions occur in the area where EMSlim is applied, and weakening and thinning occur in the treated area. EMSlim application is effective on the determined muscle mass, fat burning and muscle development are provided in the targeted muscle mass.

How is regional thinning with cold lipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is the injection of substances that dissolve fat deposits into the problem area with the help of needles. In the cold lipolysis method, quite fine-tipped needles are used. In this way, the lubrication formed in certain areas melts in a controlled manner.

How is regional thinning with mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy; It is the delivery of substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids that the body needs, alone or as a mixture. Mesotherapy method is also widely preferred for regional thinning problem. In particular, it is effective in removing excess weight in the hip area, which is very difficult to weaken. Components that break down fat cells are used in the mesotherapy method. These components are injected into the problem area using fine-tipped needles. As a result of this process, the fat layer accumulated in a certain area begins to melt and the person begins to thin.

Regional thinning with BP serum

BP serum is a fairly new and advanced technology among regional thinning methods. There is a “lipase” substance in BP serum. Lipase is very effective in burning excess fat accumulated in the body. BP serum is applied to the affected area. This method, which is a fairly new technology, has proven its reliability and permanence.


It is a method that has been used for a long time. Thanks to this method, the fats collected in certain areas are first melted and then removed from the body with the help of vacuum.


In this method, pure carbon dioxide gas is used. Thanks to the special device and pure carbon dioxide, blood circulation and metabolism are accelerated. In this way, the body starts to burn fat stores and loses weight and becomes firmer.

Ultrashape method

Ultrasonic sound waves are used in this method. Thanks to ultrasonic sound waves, the fat cells accumulated in the area are broken down and the person loses weight.

How Many Sessions Regional Slimming Are Performed?

In the treatment of regional slimming, methods and devices with proven reliability, painless and non-painful, the main purpose of which are to destroy fat cells are used. When the treatment is supported with sports and diet, healthy and permanent weight loss is experienced.

Regional slimming sessions are determined by looking at the area to be treated, the patient’s weight, and general health. The treatment plan is determined individually for the patient.

Is Regional Weight Loss Possible?

Regional excess weight is a common problem for many people. There may be many reasons such as unhealthy diet, birth, genetic factors. Moreover, it is not easy to melt the fat layer accumulated in some areas. Regional thinning may not occur with sports and diets. The most beautiful and permanent way to lose weight locally is by getting help from a specialist.

Who Cannot Have Regional Slimming?

Regional slimming; It is not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemakers, heart patients, people with metal prostheses.

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Dr. İnayet Özhan Öztürk
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