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18 Oct

Men and women want to have smooth and beautiful skin. One of the biggest obstacles to a smooth, well-groomed skin is unwanted hair. It is now very easy to get rid of unwanted hair, which is a problem as old as human history, thanks to advancing technology. Laser hair removal is preferred as the most effective and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

laser hair removal; It is the process of preventing the hair follicles growing in the body from coming out by destroying them with certain wavelengths. The laser wavelengths used in the process are determined according to the skin structure and hair root of the person.

Body hair contains color pigments called “chromophore melanin”. The target chromophore in laser epilation is melanin pigment.

Melanin absorbs and absorbs laser waves. In this way, the hair follicles are damaged and weakened. Destroyed hair follicles no longer come out thanks to repeated laser sessions.

While the laser epilation process destroys the hair follicles, it does not harm the surrounding skin, it only burns the hair follicles.

Some of the damaged hairs fall out immediately, and some of them are removed from the skin within 1-2 weeks.

Where is Laser Hair Removal Done?

Laser hair removal is a painless procedure. It can be performed on almost any part of the body, it does not require an anesthetic procedure. The main areas of the body where laser hair removal is applied are:

Back, shoulders, arms, legs, face, bikini area, armpit area, abdomen, belly hair.

This procedure can be easily applied to sensitive areas such as the upper lip and bikini area.

Where is Laser Hair Removal Not Done?

Laser epilation cannot be performed on the inner part of the genital area, inside the nose, inside the ear, hair roots and eye sockets. Again, this procedure is not recommended for pregnant women, cancer patients, and those with skin diseases such as psoriasis.

What should be the hair length before laser epilation?

Laser epilation takes place as a result of the conversion of laser light into heat in the hair follicles. Therefore, body hair should not be too long before the procedure. In long hair, laser light cannot reach the roots and cause damage. According to the laser technique used, body hair should be at the same level with the skin at 1-2 mm per month.

How is Laser Epilation Applied?

Before laser epilation, the hair should be shaved to reach the appropriate size. This process works with the wavelength principle and the destruction of hair follicles. For this reason, procedures such as waxing that separate the hair follicles from the body before laser epilation are not recommended.

Before starting the process, adjustments are made according to the person’s hair structure and skin color. Different doses and settings can be used according to the parts of the body.

After the hairs formed on the skin surface are in suitable conditions, the area to be treated is scanned with a laser device.

How Many Sessions Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

This process is the most effective method to get rid of unwanted hair completely, painlessly. The number of laser epilation sessions varies according to the size of the area to be treated, the person’s hair structure, hair color and skin color. The treatment shows its effect from the first session. The number of sessions of the treatment can vary between 8-10 sessions on average.

When do the hairs fall out after laser epilation?

After the first session of laser epilation, some hairs may fall out immediately. Some hairs will fall out on their own within a week or two. After the feathers are shed, new hairs do not grow for an average of 4-6 weeks. When new hair comes out, it means it’s time for a new session. Sessions should not be interrupted in order to obtain full and permanent results from the procedure.

Does Laser Hair Removal Completely Remove Hair?

After this procedure, ninety percent of the body is reduced in hair. The success rate may vary from person to person, depending on the regular follow-up of the session. This process may not remove the hairs one hundred percent. However, the remaining hairs come out very weak and light in color.

What Should Be Done for Hair Loss After Laser Epilation?

It may take several weeks for the hair to fall out after this procedure. Hair loss can be accelerated by cleaning the dead skin in the treated area. Processes such as scrubbing and peeling during the bath purify the body from dead skin and accelerate the removal of damaged hair from the body.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

Three different wavelengths are used for this process with different wavelengths. The wavelength used is determined by the skin color, hair color and type of the person.

Alexandrite laser epilation, which has a wavelength of 755 nm, is particularly effective on dark hair. It can be used in people with fair skin, people with bronze skin may experience loss of effect.

The diode laser has a wavelength of 810 nm. Also known as the “ice laser” because of its cooled head. It is easily applied to people with light, dark and bronze skin. Its effect is quite high on light colored hairs.

ND YAG laser is another type of laser, it has a wavelength of 1064 nm. This laser, which can be applied to all skin types, can also be performed in summer.

Is There a Laser for Yellow Hair?

The laser hair removal process works by destroying the hair follicles of the wavelengths. For dark hair like black, this process is much more effective. This is because dark hairs absorb laser waves better. However, thanks to new methods such as ice laser, effective results are obtained on yellow, gray, red colored hairs.

Is Hair Removal Cream Used While Having Laser Epilation?

After this procedure, depilatory creams that do not activate the hair follicles can be preferred. However, methods that activate hair follicles such as wax and tweezers should not be preferred.

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Dr. İnayet Özhan Öztürk
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